• Una location magica per una giornata speciale!


The charm of simplicity.

Don’t call us a location, we are a classic restaurant that lays its foundations in the Italian cuisine tradition; the rural resort il Corazziere was founded in 1919 by the will of the Corazziere Giuseppe Camerasca, valiant guard of Vittorio Emanuele III.

Our host work begins early in the morning in search of fresh and genuine raw materials, with the help of our kitchen staff we transform and serve them, thanks to our loyal room collaborators.

Armando (the son of the Corazziere) together with his wife Mariuccia and their children Arcella and Andrea, continues in the tradition of the family to this day.

We do not lose time on the unproductive fantasies of organizing a wedding, instead we try to provide the haute cuisine quality, we are lovers of the concrete, of the nature and of our beautiful territory.

Our strenghts, in a simple way:

  • Internal kitchen – We transform (and taste) all the goods in our place
  • Direct production of fruits & vegetables
  • A big park
  • Windmill and suggestive splaces for photos
  • Comfortable rooms
  • 90+ years experience
  • The river, the woods, the simplicity

more info on: www.casadelmulino.com

Wines are also our passion and granted us awards worldwide;

I’ve been even appointed “Chevalier de l’ordre des coteaux de Champagne”. I personally choose the best wine and food matching as I believe that a good menu without the right wine is a poor product.

Of course all the team working with me is made by experts in the restaurant field: Tonino, Luigi, Massimo, Matteo, Gabriele, Alessandro, Afid, Arcella and Andrea.

Yours truly,
Armando Camesasca