Located in the heart of Brianza, the Hotel “Il Corazziere” is the ideal starting point to reach the main Lombardy destinations such as Como, Bellagio, Lecco, Bergamo and Milano.

Besides this, sports fans can find many opportunities to enjoy not far from the hotel.



There are many opportunities for bike excursions in the surroundings of the Hotel “Il Corazziere“
Either you love the mountains or the lake, you will find a track able to suit your sports passion!


If you love motor bikes, you can find many tracks not far from the Hotel “Il Corazziere” to practice your favourite activity.

Jogging Tracks

The Hotel “Il Corazziere” also offers many opportunities to the jogging fans.
From the Park “Valle Lambro” located by the hotel to the Baggero Oasis and the Brianza lakes (such as Pusiano), plunge into nature and find your true self.

Horse riding

If you like horse riding, you will find many enchanting landscapes close to the Hotel “Il Corazziere” as well as many tracks along which you can ride surrounded by nature.


The golf lovers have 6 courses at their disposal in the Como province. The 18-hole Golf Club Menaggio and Cadenabbia is among the oldest in Italy.




The city of fashion, design, avant-gard fair events – and extremely lively from the economic point of view – ranks among the most dynamic metropolis in the world.


Bellagio – located at the top of the so called “Larian triangle” and at the base of the cape dividing the lake into the branches of Como and Lecco – is one of the most famous and elegant lake resorts rich in mansions and enchanting natural landscapes.

The Pleistocene glaciations with the big ice flows coming from the Valtellina and Val Chiavenna modelled the Larian landscape as it is now: for four times, the glaciers extended towards south as far as the Brianza. Only the highest peaks, among which Mount San Primo, emerged from the ice coat and forced the glacier to divide into two branches: this mountain dominates the top of the Larian Triangle on which Bellagio is located.

Inhabited since prehistory, this site became a steady settlement in the Roman age when it became the venue for a villa belonging to Pliny the Younger, although there is no historical evidence supporting this hypothesis.

Walled site during the Lombard age, in the age of medieval communes it supported the faction opposing to Como and was then subjugated by the Visconti family, who razed the walls. At the end of 15th century Ludovico il Moro gave it as feoff to the Stanga family; it then passed under the control of the Sfrondati family, who owned most of the eastern shore of the lake, and in 1647 it was partially controlled by the Airoldi family.

These families, as well as many others, built villas and mansions creating wide and well structured parks, especially in 19th century. In 19th century Bellagio became one of the most renowned holiday resorts in Europe.


Located on “That branch of the lake of Como…” described by Alessandro Manzoni in “The Betrothed”, Lecco is clearly visible and very appreciated for the beauty of its landscapes and for the harsh rocky walls of its mountains.

The territory in the province of Lecco gathers art, nature and culture in itself.


Famous as the “Silk Capital”, Como harmoniously combines the attractions which have made it so charming.

The modern buildings do not damage the many art masterpieces, the typical houses located under the majestic mountains, the beautiful lake – one of the most impressive pre-alpine lakes – and much more make Como a lovely and peculiar town.